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Late summer evening at Germany’s North Sea Coast, Büsum Sound recording time: 7.30 p.m.Standing on the stairs Just put on the headphones for a moment and stand here on the stairstep and enjoy listening! Behind me and my in-ear-microphones a paved path stretches along the sea. I wanted to capture an ambient track as quiet as possible at this location and at this time of the September day, 7.30 p.m. It is the time when […]

am fluss


Sonntagnachmittag, 19 Grad, sonnig, wenig Wind. Position: Möwenperspektive wie auf dem Bild. Der Fluss ist an der Stelle 250 Meter breit. Flache Werftgebäude gegenüber und flaches Land. Hinter mir eine Promenade. Hinter der Promenade Grünanlagen mit Wegen hindurch. Sunday afternoon, 19 degrees, sunny, little wind. Position: Seagull’s perspective as in the picture. The river is 250 meters wide at this point. Flat shipyard buildings opposite and flat land. Behind me a promenade. Behind the promenade […]