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I’m tidying up my study. The window is wide open to let in the mild air, and I’m listening to my old radio pieces under wireless headphones.The Pensioner and the Rocker – Scenes of a friendship” is a 55 minutes-long radio feature which was first aired 2004 on NDR4.

I made the radio piece with the two friends Horst (80) and Uwe (40). I saw them in the U2 underground train in Hamburg one morning when I started to work in that city for a period of two months. We got on the train at the same time. Same time, same carriage, seats opposite. To be exact, it was the old man who got on the train the same time as me and who took the seat opposite me. Two stops later the young man came running and sat down beside the old man. I couldn’t take my eyes from them because of the way they were talking to another and treating each other, with great respect. I could hear everything they were saying.

Every morning I saw the old man on the platform. He always took the same carriage, I had noticed. Carriage number 8. So did I from then on. Carriage number 8. It was their meeting point. First the old man got on that carriage and took a seat right hand side. Two stops later the young man came running and sat down beside the old man. The young man was in a hurry every morning. I always took a seat left hand side in the carriage, and I watched them. And one day I plucked up the necessary courage and introduced myself to them. I mentioned that I make radio stories. And one of the next days I asked them whether they would allow me to make a radio story with them. They didn’t seem especially enthusiastic about the idea. But after a while the young man said: “Well, why not.” That’s how it started.

Horst has died. To not let the story with these lovely people disappear completely I made a short clip which I called “Day X”.

You can listen to it in my   NEXT BLOG-ENTRY.



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Radio feature making  in the best way possible for me is a transforming process. The sound material transforms, my writing does, the montage does, and certainly I do, too. When all the bits and pieces slowly find its places, the best to happen for me is a result which now is closer to authenticity in order to serve the story than it had been on my mind when I started the project.
Doing the voice recording again means transformation. It’s a kind of all-or-nothing. If the voices fit the story, it’s great. The transforming process reaches a higher level. If the voices don’t fit the story, you can imagine …. This time I am absolutely thrilled and I can happily start the editing and mixing.

Luckily I had the opportunity to make the voice recording with the young actors Malah Helman and Tom Pidde as narrators. I’d like to tell you about the two artists.
Malah Helman is a young actress, voice actress and a performing artist, based in Berlin. I first heard her voice on the internet two years ago. She spoke an extract of a literary text. Her voice got me hooked from the very first words. What was so special was, Malah was acting the text, not just speaking, but acting in a very unique way with great authenticity and simplicity. In the sound of her voice you can hear so much more. I heard a subtil attentiveness in her voice. Sometimes she sounds a bit mysterious, sometimes girl-like. She sounds like someone who is curiously looking at things. So I downloaded the voice sample, saved it under the title ‘voice to remember’ and I thought: For my radio piece 2012, I’ll ask Malah to give it her voice. Now Malah did it. She possesses the quality to speak with ease, even about serious things. THANK YOU, MALAH, for being in my radio story!

Here you can listen to:  Malah Helman
A radio play: „Ein Baum, ein Felsen, eine Wolke“. After a short story by Carson McCullers.

Tom Pidde is a young actor and ensemble member of Theaterlabor Bremen. I first heard Tom’s voice in the room next to my study, some time ago. We share the same corridor, Ulrich Scholz -film maker- and myself. Ulrich did the edit of the video material he had recorded for Theaterlabor Bremen showing Tom on stage. And so I heard Tom speaking through the closed doors, sometimes tiny bits of text, a word, a sentence, half a sentence, forth and back, again and again. That can easily become unpleasant. But it didn’t, curiously enough, not even after 2 hours of unwillingly listening to the sound of strange text bits out of context. On the contrary, I had been attracted by the sound of Toms warm and full-bodied voice. And then, all of a sudden he spoke very softly and with absolute understatement. The changes I like very much, the variations. Finally I asked: “Who is that voice?”  THANK YOU, TOM, for being in my radio story!
And now Tom’s and Malah’s voice match so perfectly together, still leaving space for each others characters. Great!

Here you can see and listen to:  Tom Pidde
on the Youtube channel of film maker Ulrich Scholz / Realisation Scholz “Sprechstunde”. A video-dialog.


is transmitting

Here ist an excerpt of a radio play based on a shortstory I have written in 2006 which was aired on SWR2. Unfortunately there is no longer a podcast episode of it existing. One of my 2011-plans is to have it translated into English and to produce a new version of the radio play.


(c) photo by Thomas Lehmann

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Vater sendet wieder. Radio play. Excerpt 00:38.

And this is what the story is about:
A young woman is observed and ‘radioed’ by her deceased parents. That’s her impression in any case as she enters into bizarre contact with them. As if her father were on standby on a two-way-radio, meddling in his daughter’s life at a moment that seems fitting to him, and her mother were egging him on and making comments. After each contact the daughter finds life astonishingly easy, absolutely and eerily easy. Unfortunately, however, the feeling of ease does not persist and sometimes there is also ‘radio silence’ for a longer period of time. Strange things happen.


Thanks to Michael Meadows for translating the description into English.

More photos by Thomas Lehmann