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Bin am Fluss - Möwenperspektive


For headphone listening:  Binaural field recording, taken with in-ear-microphones

Looking for suitable recording locations and sound spaces, I arrive at the river and immediately think it’s too late. Too late for what? River idyll? I should have been here earlier in the day for that, much earlier, around 6 in the morning. Now it’s 3 in the afternoon. But I don’t really want an idyll. I want a surprise …

Sunday afternoon at 3: You’re standing by the river. Where the seagulls always doze off early in the morning. You lean at the railing, your arms supported and look at the sparkling water. The sky is blue, it’s autumn already, but still warm. Maybe the last warm day of the year, you never know.
The sun shines in your face. You close your eyes. The waves splash down close below you, because somewhere, far away, a boat moves the water. You are hearing the people behind you walking on the promenade. And far to the right, in your back, a bicycle bell, an airplane, a woman, a man, the bright voice of a child and next to you the crying of the seagull. Is it you, with the microphones in your ears, who excites the bird, because you’re sitting so strangely, motionlessly, silently listening? You’re right in the middle of that big, wide stage of noises now…


From 04:20 the idyll is over, it gets loud.

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At the river – Seagull’s perspective

Meeting Monsters     (07:13, mp3)

I recorded with Soundman-OKM-Classic binaural in-ear-mics into a ZOOM H 5.
Sunday afternoon, 19 degrees, sunny, little wind. Position: Seagull’s perspective as in the picture. The river is 250 meters wide at the place. Flat shipyard buildings opposite and flat land. Behind me a promenade, and people walking. Behind the promenade there are green areas with paths through them.

In the sound recording, you can hear me commenting on what’s going on, in German, I’m sorry. This is about what I’m saying about the loud boats: These boats are racing down the river as if they were in a war. And that’s what they look like too, very small military green one-man-boats and very fast. Six or seven small but powerful fury snorting monsters.



12 years !  -   So I think it’s time to give my little true helper an extra mention.

12 years – That’s how long I have been recording with this pair of ear microphones. Quite some radio features I have created with its help. And quite  some sound engineers were impressed by the sound quality. My OKM Soundman consists of an adapter with battery and the two tiny microphones.

In-ear-microphones allow binaural recordings. (Binaural = with both ears.) Binaural recording is a method of making spatially, almost realistic recordings for headphone listening, creating an effect for as if you were actually there.

Since I started my radio work I have been recording sounds of the environment (often called ‘field recordings’). Most of all I have been fascinated by urban sounds and I still am. When I first used ear microphones it was a sonic experience unlike anything I had known. And I found environmental recordings even more fascinating. The city as a listening space, that is what fascinates me so much. All the different sounds a city can offer.

In my soundscape See you in Siam you can find sounds of the City of Bangkok, the loud sounds of the streets and the shopping malls, and the very soft ones like inside the Skytrain. You can listen to See you in Siam here on Soundcloud. Also on my Soundcloud-page there is the recording Uphill with birds. It is a sound of a mountain landscape, recorded on a hill near to a serpentine road.
Should you like some information about field recordings, here you can find it.