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Oh yes, we did have snow!

It was quite lovely for a few hours. It was last week. Snowfall is very scarce in this region. I tend to forget what winter looks like and feels like.

I have taken snowflake pictures from the window. Then suddenly a horrific noise attached the idyllic white silence: A neighbour with his leaf blower he has turned into a snow blower moved into my field of vision. As if he had just been waiting for this moment all the time since last autumn when the last leaf was sucked up.

End of the story



A bit of a break …

… thinking about what is important …

… … … … …

Happy New Year 2016


Ende der Saison, Dangast



rooftops 02


… a turquoise-coloured mood in the city today …


rooftops 07


… one of the best days … light, airy …


rooftops 08 with bridal mannequin


… She is a -display window- mannequin …


tasting sumer


… tasting summer …



hard work for newcomers


A far from everyday observation.

I think I have never taken such a close look as this one to find out exactly what is going on in the planters on the balcony. I am really amazed how these smallest plants can lift anything in its planter environment. We’ll see what will come of this.

Typically, the alienation of city folk, I am afraid.
Happy gardening.