Regina Burbach is a freelance radio documentary maker and sound story creator. This blog is a window into her work room and it also functions as a portfolio.

Regina did a lot of travelling as a TV-journalist and director-writer of travel films. Her work has led her to Siberia, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Thailand and a few other countries. The experiences of working in the far corners of the world and sharing the daily life shine through in her radio documentaries, soundscapes and short stories. Her short stories first aired in 2003.

Almost all of her work is narrative. It takes on different forms. One is writing audio sample  Short story “Vater sendet wieder”, another is making audio art of various kinds  audio sample Radio documentary “The Whisper – Sri Lanka oder Wie man eine Gesellschaft spaltet” – and
audio sample  Electroacoustic piece “Cicadas versus Cars”.

Hope you enjoy!


inspired by the sounds of cities and landscapes

I like the desert. In fact, I like ‘empty’ landscapes in general.
But I also like big cities, their sounds, their pace, their anonymity. Yes, I even like the anonymity. It’s honest, it doesn’t add anything, it doesn’t cover up anything. You’re alone and you know it. You know where you stand and are alert.

in Bangkok

I was fascinated by the crowds of people and
how they move,
how they stream together from different directions
in the streets and shopping malls and
pass by one another
so gracefully.
When I, too, joined the crowd in Bangkok, it seemed
as if everybody was moving like a fish.
Even when people were walking alone or in pairs, their bodies moved
with the sleekness of swarming creatures.
In Bangkok
my body also took on this sleekness.
And even in the most dreadful crush
we swarming creatures moved effortlessly together
and past one another
in a smooth motion.

the essence of a place

What I’m trying to achieve is a free interpretation of experience at a place. Working with noises and sounds makes me feel to come closer, step by step, to what I have in mind. It’s a way with lots of surprises.


Wind was the first sound that I listened to with all my senses when I was a small child. I grew up on the coast of northern Germany. Our house stood right on the dike. While lying in bed at night, I listened into the darkness and how the wind churned up the sea. On our roof it lifted up the shingles and dropped them and it shook the shutters. I think wind was the first sound I perceived as sound, as a kind of music.

Thank you to Michael Meadows for his translation of my about-texts from German to English.