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Is it possible to identify a city in sound?

The well-known, the world cities yes. In New York, Lagos, Baghdad, Mumbai there are unique sounds by which someone in Dubai, Berlin or Dakar could identify the city, without having been there. But if you asked people in Tbilisi, Beijing or Bosten to listen to sounds of less-known cities like Manama, Doha or Kiel …? We can only recognize what we have already learned.
These were my thoughts when I realised I had no photo to this recording and tried to find one instead. This recording was taken in one of the less-known cities, in global terms. I did not particularly try to set sound marks that identify the recording location. For my purposes it is much more important to me to capture the spatial quality of a place as good as possible, the movement of people and the ambience.

This recording is a lucky chance. Late-summer day, late afternoon, 4.30/ 5.00 pm, unusually good weather, a scenario as if it was a grand summer finale, what it actually was, as it turned out. The next day summer had gone. I wanted to go across the square towards the main station and get my train quickly but then decided spontaneously against the train and for an extensive recording with ear microphones
(OKM Soundman).

Bremer Marktplatz   02:25   mp3
Unedited excerpt, binaural stereo

Made to be listened to with headphones