When I worked on “9 to 5 – Nein danke” I was carried away by a song I came across on the internet: “Desert Pacific Optopi” by Anna Kohlweis alias Squalloscope. The song is on her DESERT EP. “The desert is a strange place to be when you’re looking for an ocean on your knees …
Anna Kohlweis composes, arranges and produces her songs, she writes the lyrics, she sings, she draws comics, makes video art, and I don’t know what else. Would I work for a music station, I’d add Anna Kohlweis immediately to my playlist. The song can not be played in full length in the “9 to 5″ documentary but I’m sure anyone catching a tiny bit of  “Desert” will want to get more. You can buy “Desert” directly on the Squalloscope website of the artist. *** It’s worth to have a look!!! ***

Website Squalloscope - Anna Kohlweis
Duration 18:42
5 Tracks
Seayou Records 2013, Wien