Here is a little mind journey
to use as a break in between or
for a good nights sleep.
put your headphones on
lay back
+ listen

half asleep in Cayo Coco

Dozily laying in the sand dunes of Cayo Coco, Cuba

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Binaural recording, 02:40, unedited. Recorded with Soundman OKM Microphone


Ocean waves for small breaks at the desk

I have been recording a lot of sounds of landscapes and cities for quite a few years, the so-called field recordings. If you have stopped by here on the blog before, you will probably have read about my passion for deepening in these kinds of sounds. I use field recordings as raw material for various electro-acoustic sound pieces. But some I also take as my personal mind journeys, quick getaways when I work fully concentrated over many hours. I listen to the Cayo Coco-recording quite often. It works wonders, for me at least. Although the place itself is not relevant as I could have made similar recordings at similar places.

When I recorded in Cayo Coco, I was sitting at a place in the dunes where the sea was about 30, 40 meters away and there were just a few people, far away from where I was. Most people had gone for lunch. And that is why I was lucky to get this recording you can hear now, i.e. the ocean waves further away in order to leave a ‘space in between’, and no human voices. Not to forget the little bird next to me chirping loud, a single time, to be part of the show.

That it is relaxing to listen to ocean waves is nothing new, we all know that. But again and again it is amazing to enjoy the positive effect it has on you yourself.