I am excited to say that my first album

Serendipity Effects
Track 01 Mooncakes
Track 02 The Painter’s Castle

came out on Audiotalaia, the internet label run by the sound artist Edu Comelles based in Valencia, Spain.

I am very happy to be ‘on board’ together with so wonderful sound artists.

The man who in the first place had the idea I should make an EP is  Nigel Samways, a sound artist who lives and works in Brighton, UK.

I’d like to say thank you to Edu Comelles and Nigel Samways who both made my Serendipity Effects possible. And that really means a lot to me.

And whoever drops by here at my blog place – I hope you might enjoy listening.

And do listen to Edu’s and Nigel’s sound art compositions, they are absolutely  fabulous:

Enjoy Cello + Laptob – The Hunt
by Edu Comelles and Sara Galán

Enjoy Nigel Samway’s Album Veilleur de Nuit
“City of gas street lamps”
(it’s not Nigel’s newest release but my 1. favourite)