12 years !  -   So I think it’s time to give my little true helper an extra mention.

12 years – That’s how long I have been recording with this pair of ear microphones. Quite some radio features I have created with its help. And quite  some sound engineers were impressed by the sound quality. My OKM Soundman consists of an adapter with battery and the two tiny microphones.

In-ear-microphones allow binaural recordings. (Binaural = with both ears.) Binaural recording is a method of making spatially, almost realistic recordings for headphone listening, creating an effect for as if you were actually there.

Since I started my radio work I have been recording sounds of the environment (often called ‘field recordings’). Most of all I have been fascinated by urban sounds and I still am. When I first used ear microphones it was a sonic experience unlike anything I had known. And I found environmental recordings even more fascinating. The city as a listening space, that is what fascinates me so much. All the different sounds a city can offer.

In my soundscape See you in Siam you can find sounds of the City of Bangkok, the loud sounds of the streets and the shopping malls, and the very soft ones like inside the Skytrain. You can listen to See you in Siam here on Soundcloud. Also on my Soundcloud-page there is the recording Uphill with birds. It is a sound of a mountain landscape, recorded on a hill near to a serpentine road.
Should you like some information about field recordings, here you can find it.