intercity sky

My Intercity sky - on this wonderful autumn day


There are cities which make you happy by just the thought of them. For me that is Hamburg and London. Unfortunately I don’t visit London as often as Hamburg.

intercity train sq

to Hamburg

The intercity train is delayed today. Seats almost all occupied. No, there is one, lucky! “That’s mine”, trumpets a pastel coloured old lady, up in arms against me. Seat reserved, chased away, so what! Not that this could dampen my enthusiasm. I’m going to Hamburg! Hamburg! I love it, although I usually don’t see much of the city except Hauptbahnhof. Usually I take the tube from there, and I get out somewhere to immediately enter apartments and offices and cafés to make interviews with the people taking part in my radio features. And afterwards I catch the next train back, because, funnily, I seem to always be in the last days before deadline.

One seat is still free, at the carriage end, on the edge of the row with the loo in the back. Well, so what! On my seat on the edge I can even sit face towards window and have the gorgeous blue sky in front of me instead of a back- and head rest. All is fine!


a cup of coffee

Love to wait here!

In the evening. HH-Hauptbahnhof. How I love to sit here and wait! Yes, I really mean that. Simply everything is fine for me today. The talk I had was ever so good, too. One of the kind that usually makes me think, how lucky I am. I could be bubbling over with enthusiasm all day long. – Well, isn’t that what I have been doing today?

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Fieldrecording “intercity germany”    01:35
Recorded with in-ear-microphones. Listening to the recording with headphones gives you the feeling of a 3-dimensional sound.


Night ride + Dostojewski

On my return trip this quotation from Dostojewski comes to my mind: „Everything is fine. Man is unhappy because he is unaware of being happy. Just because of that. That is all there is to it, nothing else. He who realizes this will at once be happy, instantly, at the very same moment.” Regarding people like me living in this rich country and having only ‚first’-word-problems, I think, the quote is very well to the point. Thank you, Hamburg!