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Sound post cards on the way!

I am about to listen to my sound material, ‘currently’ at rest on hard disc and not been listened to for a few years. Some recordings still even on mini disc, waiting for transfer. Mini disc?! … … Yes! … … Last week I interviewed someone for a radio feature. When I took a mini disc out of my pocket, the man said to me: “Oh – still?” He was looking bewildered as if I was using a punching tape for recording. Flash cards one way or the other, I will use mini disc as long until my most loved MDP500 recorder goes belly-up and I can’t get it fixed. I hope my recorder’s era will not be over for a long time. And I hope I can transfer all my recordings before my mini disc’s archival life span has expired.

When listening to the sound material I came across some recordings which I think would be ideal as sound post cards and I am going to post them here. Short excerpts, one or two minutes. Enough may be for a short-short drift-away, to calm the nerves or get itchy feet.

Sound post cards are on the way!