balloonist in the desert dark

© F. J. Burbach

This makes me happy: My sound piece

Silent – The balloonist

will be aired on Schweizer Radio DRS 2  in the radio show Das weisse Lauschen, Wednesday, 27. Juli 2011, 8.55 p.m.


Das weisse Lauschen is an online platform for sound art of various kinds launched by Hörspiel DRS2. Here you can go straight to the homepage of the online platform Das weisse Lauschen. Sound art pieces of the platform are being introduced in the radio show with the same name.

There is a special personal story behind the sound piece “Silent – The balloonist”. It’s ever so special for me, I even called my website “The balloonist …”. I used to do ballooning for some time actually. And up in the air I had a kind of key experience which had to do with the way you can hear things up there, it’s fantastic! And probably that’s why I sometimes make so strange, quiet and minimalistic sound pieces. Here you can read more about that.