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“Monsoon”    Soundscape     05:14     sounds best with headphones


From my Monsoon-Notebooks (3 of 3)

Daytime humidity almost 90 percent.
Sudden heavy downpours.

A hotel room.
No 125, sea view. –

Here I live for over a month now and I like it quite a bit.
It is 4 p.m. I look out of the window.
I just came back from the humid streets and the cascade-like noises, that I like actually, although this hotel room is my refuge.

I have switched off the air conditioner. It booms in my ears and I can’t hear anything else, that makes me nervous. The air in the room now is sticky and warm and bad to breathe in.


One day,
may be, I’ll recall these moments as I stay here at the window and I’ll think,
yes, that’s where I was, and it was one of the best times of my life.
No! Stop. I’m not there yet.
I am here.
Now! I am here for a start, in this hotel room.
No 125, sea view.

A film of moisture has formed on the wooden furniture, on the side board and the cabinet door. And the floorboards have misted up too, so has the nice old English style writing desk. I write with my finger on the desktop the word ‘Monsoon’.

Then again I look out of the window.
I see the clouds as they become one with the sea.
I think a sentence.
I think:
It’s raining.