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It’s spring, yes. Quite a while already. And next month the summer starts and the year is half gone. Positively spoken, a half-year will be left. –
I was just thinking of what happened to my previous spring times. It is a fact, some spring times I didn’t even notice, due to a lack of time, even though my work room has a real big window to not overlook the changes of the seasons. Two years ago it was especially bad. I had been overwhelmed by work, and anyway had no desire to do anything else but work, because I love what I do. When I finally ‘came back to life’, I realized that not only spring had gone but also the summer. I was shocked. It was hot and muggy the day I finished my project, the 31 August, and I went to the supermarket to buy me an ice cream. But there was no ice cream. Sold out, not a single one left. I remember standing there starring into the freezer’s empty ice cream section, feeling that incredible loss, the loss of a spring and a summer. I had missed all the nice things people normally do at that time of the year, missed to smell the freshly cut grass, missed to go swimming. And then not one last ice cream left. It was horrible. To crown it all –and I am definitely not wrong– hosts of chocolate santa clauses were gazing at me from the shelves. They had just arrived. NEVER EVER SHOULD THAT HAPPEN TO ME AGAIN!

It didn’t. And that has to do with “time streching”, a software tool to slow down the speed of an audio recording without affecting the voice pitch. If I have an audio file, per example, which has a total length of 10 seconds, I can slow it down one, two seconds, in case, let’s say, a person I recorded speaks too fast and can’t be understood. Or I can stretch a violin tune from 10 seconds to 60 seconds or 600, theoretically. In other words, time stretching makes more out of what there is. Since I have been dealing with it the time stretching subject seems to affect me like a positive subversive ‘track’ playing in my mind, influencing me like “Do you remember how it feels to stretch your time? Do you remember the intense and precious moments as if you were connected to every millisecond of time, making you feel incredibly happy and satisfied? Lying at the beach at night, looking at stars. Watching the clouds by day. Listening to the nature sounds. And then reading a poem, or writing one. What about a little “time stretching” in your daily life?”

A friend of mine, she said to me, may be you are a workaholic. Me?, never!, I protested, I love what I do. And she: Well, you can love what to do and yet be a workaholic. May be. I changed the topic.

What I definitely know is how the hours fly away when I work at my computer. It is my main work tool, for writing and for audio processing. I can easily work at my PC for 8 or 10 hours without getting tired and without missing anything. And if it’s a very nice work, I don’t even get hungry. For the long term that’s not healthy, I know.

I created a little change of perspective to start with in order to stretch my time. And that’s how it works: First I get away from my desk. I go to the middle of my work room, face towards window. I stand still. I listen to the sounds around me, the sounds outside and the sounds in my room. For one minute I want to only listen. I do listen. At my left there is the clock ticking at the wall. At my right the computer fan is humming. Outside the window the voices of children are drifting along, fading. And here in the middle of my room am I, breathing. And I look at the tree in front of the house. The sun shines on tender young leaves. A refreshing breeze blows through the tree. STOP.

Up to hear I made it this time, up to the wind. I submerged in the sound. Then, “Wind” was my keyword. Straightaway the computer fan started to drive me mad, was it always so loud? And this one minute, isn’t it long gone? I looked at the clock. No, 20 seconds still left. I do not always succeed with my one-minute-not-thinking-of-anything. Never mind. I improve slowly. But what is really great when doing my little change of perspective is: to feel that one minute or even half a minute can be quite long and can do so good.

With this in mind: have a nice spring and summer with lots of ‘stretched’ time.

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