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Temple of Dambulla. Field recording. 03:18. 192 kbps.

This recording I made in a Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka. It was late afternoon. There were still many visitors walking around. Others were sitting in contemplation or lighting the oil lamps. These tiny clay bowls filled with coconot oil and a cotton thread wick in it. The monks I could not see. I tried to follow their voices. I came closer, but still could not see the monks. Their chanting sounded from somewhere in the lateral wings of the temple. Later I went to the Bodhi-Tree. Siddhartha Gautama is said to have achieved enlightenment under a Bo-Tree and thereby became the “Buddha”. It’s nice to hear the gentle sound of wind blowing through the leaves. They are a bit like these stiff poplar leaves and in the wind they make almost a slightly metallic noise.

It’s a binaural recording, best to wear headphones when listening.