… the sounds of
cities and

I like the desert. In fact, I like ‘empty’ landscapes in general.

Strasse leeres Land

© rb

But I also like big cities, their sounds, their pace, their anonymity. Yes, I even like the anonymity. It’s honest, it doesn’t add anything, it doesn’t cover up anything. You’re alone and you know it. You know where you stand and are alert.


© rb

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See you in Siam II    soundscape   03:36

in Bangkok

I was fascinated by the crowds of people and
how they move,
how they stream together from different directions
in the streets and shopping malls and
pass by one another
so gracefully.
When I, too, joined the crowd in Bangkok,
it seemed
as if everybody was moving like a fish.
Even when people were walking alone or in pairs,
their bodies moved with the sleekness of swarming creatures.
In Bangkok
my body also took on this sleekness.
And even in the most dreadful crush
we swarming creatures moved effortlessly together
and pass one another
in a smooth motion.