is transmitting

Here ist an excerpt of a radio play based on a shortstory I have written in 2006 which was aired on SWR2. Unfortunately there is no longer a podcast episode of it existing. One of my 2011-plans is to have it translated into English and to produce a new version of the radio play.


(c) photo by Thomas Lehmann

© Thomas Lehmann

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Vater sendet wieder. Radio play. Excerpt 00:38.

And this is what the story is about:
A young woman is observed and ‘radioed’ by her deceased parents. That’s her impression in any case as she enters into bizarre contact with them. As if her father were on standby on a two-way-radio, meddling in his daughter’s life at a moment that seems fitting to him, and her mother were egging him on and making comments. After each contact the daughter finds life astonishingly easy, absolutely and eerily easy. Unfortunately, however, the feeling of ease does not persist and sometimes there is also ‘radio silence’ for a longer period of time. Strange things happen.


Thanks to Michael Meadows for translating the description into English.

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