strasse invert

a blog

means making decisions. Many people who’s website I visit live in different corners of the world. So do people I am happy to have met personally.
When we ‘meet’ in the net, we write English. I like the idea that they can now visit my blog. And I also like to make it possible for them to read it. I live in Germany in this little northern corner of Europe. My native language is German. There are only three German-speaking countries in the world. What to do? Write ‘English only’? What about people here in Germany who prefer to read German? What about me? I’m not in the mood to write English every day although I enjoy it most of the time. Sometimes but the words just don’t come so easy in English – nor do they in my native language …
So I’m going to write in English and in German. I will not translate word by word. I wouldn’t keep up with that. Sometimes even I may write a post only in German or only in English.
This is going to be

a blog with sounds …

… at the first place, with collages I made and soundscapes and recordings of everday noises. Sounds need no translation.
My non-sound-posts will also be about my work with sound, I guess, and my radio work, we’ll see.

Thank you for being here.

I hope you enjoy!