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© rb

This is a bit of a blackbird’s tweet as an envelope curve on my computer screen.


My blackbird visitor, singing – 02:16

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I was sitting at my PC doing a sound mix with headphones on. It was that sunny Sunday two weeks ago, early afternoon. I’m totally concentrated when I do a mix, normally. But that day I got distracted –in a positive way– by a sound that didn’t come through my headphones. It came from our balcony on the upper floor, and it was a blackbird singing. I interrupted my work and listened. It was singing lovely. It made me so happy to hear that bird singing. And the little fellow didn’t stop. My directional microphone was ready to hand. I had used it the day before. So I sneaked up the stairs and spotted the bird on the balcony railing. The bird was facing the trees in the backyard. I hid behind the corner at the top of the stairs when I made the recording. From where I stood I could not precisely point the mic in the bird’s direction, because it would have noticed me and flown away. Never mind, I am happy about the little tiny real life sound event. The singing blackbird did make me stop and think that I should much more often realize the beauty of the little things.

One of the many good side effects about the internet is that you can have nice surprising encounters. While searching the internet about blackbirds I stumbled across the blog by Tanya Watts. “Life is filled with pretty things, enjoy them!” seems to be her motto. She reminded me also of a song which is one of my favourites but I haven’t listened to it for almost a year: Jason Mraz’ “Life is wonderful”. Thank you, Tanya! Here is “Mr. Blackbird”, especially for you.