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Again a pearl in the net:

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An impressive project by photographer Jonas Bendiksen. Absolutely worth seeing! I’m not saying any more about it. Please find out yourself!




I’ve just been to London. I took a walk there across Millennium Bridge. That’s what I always wanted to do, walking across that bridge, only one time, from south to north. That’s what I did, only that, and now I’m back. However, these kind of short trips I do quite often, because of Ian Rawes. He is the creator of the “London Sound Survey”, a website with stereo sounds of London.

Like a walk down Oxford Street? Right now? Select the sound icon on the London map, start the recorder, that’s it. You are walking on Oxford Street. Eyes closed and enjoying the sounds. It feels like being there. Urban stereo sounds, brilliantly recorded. Best with headphones.  Must hear: Brick Lane Market! The link to Ian Rawes’  “London Sound Survey” is here.